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A New Dance to a Beat of a Different Drum!!!

Leaving an old way of being and embracing a new way!
I’m a Rare Gem and a Rare Talent to the world, that’s why I’m the King👑 of Tap! But most importantly I do this to edify my Creator whom I know all blessings flow🙌🏿

I have a new beat to dance to. I have the new tap moves to sound off on. The old way of dancing doesn’t exist any longer, just a New horizon of song, dance, creativity, and expression.

For some time I have longed for people to like me appreciate me. It had gotten so bad in my 20 years of show business that I did not know who I was after my last stage performance with Riverdance in 2017. From that time on till now I have embraced and accepted a new aesthetic to expressing my craft and my contributions to the world and the communities I belong in.

So many people who don’t know me or just heard of me have a perception of me that does both parties a disservice. I believe this has led many people who don’t know me to be rude and disrespectful to me and spread vicious lies and gossip to more people I don’t know and have an opinion that diminishes all the rare talents and gifts I have that have paved a way for me to have a type of success and notarity. It has been told that I am a cut above and I know this and I know my worth. I will no longer be taken advantage of.

One would think with such rare Talent raw talent in a black lives matter movement that at some point I would have been recognized as a true rare gem that has qualities that are so powerful, moving and inspiring that it is tragic to have gone this far so commercially unnoticed. I have put myself out on the front line so many times and have put in decades of hard work and dedication. I’m not going to give up but I’m not gonna give people what the want. I will only serve what I know people need.

The great thing is no matter what I know who I am and I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I also know that I have to stay positive because so much is up against me. If i were to believe every negative thing said about me, my self esteem and self image would be ultimately low not ever seeing myself but seeing myself to others liking as long as I accept to do it their way.

It took for the world to see what happened to me publicly with the last Broadway show I was in for me to understand no one really cares because when you give it time people forget an are ready to hear the next hottest salacious news. Not ever wanting to know if there was ever a resolve.

So I say if you knew me from back then reintroduce yourself to me and get to know a new me from a different beat of a new drum. If not know me for the new me, stick with your old perceptions of me and be ignorant to the evolved, transparent, still Loving, still generous, still beautiful just don’t come at me like we friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. You will have a cracked face because I will act as if I don’t know you and never existed.

Love Always,

The King of Tap

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