Broke Bum Bitch!!!

Words are very powerful, there’s a verse in The Holy Bible that says there is power in the tongue (Ephesians 4:29). I find it mighty strange that people especially in my family circle, or friends of colleagues and associates that call themselves children of God know this statement in The Bible and use it for idle gossip and trashing of one’s reputation. I believe when you know information about someone and you use it to put it in their face you are just as bad and evil for being a participant in a cause of demise of character.

In a Covid-19 era we are living in, even the most prominent are suffering and are vulnerable to asking for some type of assistance that they can’t do for themselves.  Are they a Broke bum bitch because of a need that the government can’t even provide? Or can they be human just like you and I who can express a need without feeling shame, or guilt? Whatever it is, holding steadfast for good than evil wins everytime!

Better yet, the one whom can help provide and service a need for  someone, prides themselves days or months later putting that very need into an explosive social media tantrum giving the receiver of the need a perplexing and embarrasing experience of recieving a gift with backlash. Please make it make sense!

People check your gift giving! If you are giving just to receive a thank you or even a smile on the other person’s face, your gift giving is in vain. I believe that when the universe gives something it does not keep record for years to come and puts it in your face and show you how much of a lesser person you are to its grand design. Giving is a true pay it forward and count it all joy. If you are looking for any type of reaction or response when you are giving you are not giving for the correct reasons.

When you truly give, you do not expect it to be reciprocated. Giving is really not for the needy it is always a lesson for the giver! Giving is selfless not selfish. You are being selfish with your giving if you allow yourself to tally up, or react in a negative way or if you’re in expectation mode everytime.

King of Tap:

I could never make anyone feel guilty for what I do for them especially if they have come to me in shame or vulnerability. It would not service the experience at all. I know with my heart that if I was to make individuals feel a certain type of way as to what I do for them it presumes of a Narcissist character flaw. No one is better than anyone! Always know this and check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Signing off,


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