Challenge Yourself!

Use your Power for the greater Good!

Too much is given much is required. I know how powerful I am. Many are not nor never will be on my level. It is a challenging responsibility to always use my power for selflessness in such a cold dark world. Yet when challenged I proved myself rising to the occasion. There is never a such thing as failure. That word does not exist to me. In place of it I use the word experience. With every experience I learn a lesson and if it’s a good experience I repeat it but if it’s an indifferent experience there’s no need for me to repeat it again. I’d rather learned the lesson and never do it again. When it looks like the experience that I don’t like comes to a reality I’m reminded of that experience the first time it happened and I chose to not chose it a second or third time. I Let It Go and move forward meeting the challenge to continually prevail whatever looked like failure. 

To master this requires practice.  It’s a repetition of incline and decline. Practice does not make you perfect but it does make you better. I choose to practice the better quality’s of myself rather than give wasted time and energy to practicing things that don’t serve me or the world! Let’s get it together🙌🏿🙏🏿❤

Be Blessed,

J.L. Williams


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