Letting Go of Illusions

Never uplifted never celebrated, only to be watched by a community that is overrated. Seeing me rise seeing me fall, they tell me finally the next man can have a chance at it all. 22 years with 22 tears of being in an industry that is so unclear. I ask myself why am I so jaded? But than I’m reminded of all the fake colleagues that made it. I’m to chill I’m to real, my talent is major that’s why folks fear the level of greatness that’s in my path. So they ignore me, not adore me and take me to task. I’ve been there for others and supported their dreams but when my album drops they don’t even know what that means. Jealous, envy, hating is real to keep this brother down you didnt seal the deal. But I will keep it moving, keep on going my way and eventually God willing I’ll have another day. To say I’m on top that’s where I belong so keep on smiling JL and Shuffle Along…
What used to be won’t necessarily always be! Life goes on. Focus on you!
Keep in my mind that I’m an Artist,  and sensitive about my Shit!!! – Erykah Badu

The King of Tap came into the world with so much love and #joy not knowing he was black until he was taught it and could say it. His grandmother, mother, stepfather, aunts, uncle and cousins raised him to know he was spirit first and one of a kind not of the ordinary but of the #extraordinary but because he was a black male he would still have to prove himself thrice as great in a world that would suppress, oppress and diminish him for their own wicked evil doings.

He soon learned for himself he was a man of many talents that would show the world his passions and love for all things no matter what stood up against him knowing that the odds were for him to fail. Throughout his life he was never broken, may have been cast down but not destroyed. He is not the world’s #stereotypical #beliefs of what they said his kind is and would be. But was compassionate enough to accept what was thrown his way and still offered love as the answer to save and heal the day. Many have walked away, and little to none stayed which taught a lesson of self care and love.

Many have hated him and #celebrated him. Yet he chooses to stay present and in the moment for the past is what it was and can not be changed, but in the moment staying grateful and content with the #agreeable and #disagreeable is where He is #enlightened.

 He doesn’t know what’s next but keeps his intention in positive motion and honors his God and #ancestors He is grateful and blessed to still be here yet doesn’t look like what he’s been through and knows there is more greatness to come. just as long as he doesn’t lose focus, but keeps his eyes on the prize, the King of Tap will exceed greatly and abundantly.

He forgives himself first so he can forgive others and in that blossoms the #compassion for the ignorant and misunderstood. Death is uncertain and his time of death is uncertain so in that space of #birth and #death, is the #opportunity and #experience to be greater than, #better than and the best version of himself staying true to himself with #nofucksgiven of peoples thoughts and feelings about him. 


JL Williams

#happy #blackboyjoy #blackmanmagic #picoftheday #happytobehere #stillhappytobehere #blessed #onemoreday

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