The King of Tap Dance Take 1 and 2 “The New Tap Dance Kid!”

I often dream and most of what I  dream are places I see myself in the future.  I believe it is important to dream because if you don’t someone else will dream for you.

One of many dreams that I hope  comes to reality is to star in the role of “Dipsey” in the Broadway musical “The Tap Dance Kid”

The plan of action for any dream to be a reality is 1st you have to believe and know it will come true.  Second, you have to apply  and process yourself by exercising your  craft. Third, you surround yourself with the positive reinforcing support that helps to get you to your goal. This is important for manifesting any positive reality. Most of what looks like success in my career was dreamt and applied by me. No one else! I encourage you to keep dreaming and never give up. For a dream that never manifests itself is doomed to be a nightmare in reality!

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