The Spirit of a Tap King in a Night Mood!

“Piercing but Prevailing” -JL Williams

Night time is the right time!

Night time is the best time I believe for pushing a daring but self motivating thought, creating new works , and allowing self to explore the dance with no restrictions.

In the night it’s  just me, the shoes, and the rhythmic patterns that innovatively pierce my soul. It transcends barriers of sound in my head and illuminates love for my passion that is recognized as a craft but is truly a gift from a higher power source.When I was 15 years old, I discovered how to challenge my skillful musical thoughts, my precision of tap is in constant vibrations that transmit  a  liberating choice. This execution of hollow tones to a flamboyant stomp that projects to the second balcony of a Broadway theatre always brings a thunderous response validating my choice to be a dancer.

This understanding brings forth a universal communication from the creator to the musician, from dancer to esteemed colleagues and lovers of the art of tap to the novice. 

Musical Tap sounds phrasing are a universal way to communicate and connect with distinguished audience member’s, esteemed colleagues, and to face the determination of rising to whatever occasion. This led to working  with my inspiration the late great pioneer, Mr. Gregory Hines. The example he led looked like what it means to hone your craft with a relentless ferver and the dedication that is selfless to  our global communities.

Mr. Hines was genius at making everyone in their space feel equally needed, important and that their contribution to the art of tap mattered. I see this in a way of how we can show up outside of the arts in this Covid-19 and #Blacklivesmatter world we are in!

I believe if you are human you must be a lover of humanity in some form, fashion or positive capacity. Even at times of indifference in our human experiences. It’s apparent that we all love or are compelled to love. The years and decades of our life pass and it’s so easy to feel so short lived. The rapidly moving tide of change will continue to ebb and flow whether we change or not. If love is the answer and we all are apart of humanity then why is Trump in office and wouldnt a a second term be not that farfetched? Racism, Greed, gluttony, and selfishness are the true cancers of the mind, heart, and soul.  If you claim to be human with those attributes, you have surely lived a disillusioned life.

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