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39 and he still SHINES!

You can not take what is not yours!
I know my WORTH and will only surround myself with people who know it and respect it. There is no more settling with people of a lesser value and low moral character . I’d rather stay to myself like I always have and be my own friend, advocate, and anything that is and looks progressive.

There is a valuable life lesson with every experience that life has to offer. I have learned that having patience and acceptance in going through every hardship is a true testament of self control, inner power, strength and resilience that perseveres every storm.Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is a sign of being on the right track towards enlightenment and attaining all sought after results. I believe no man can dictate nor orchestrate what is universally designed and aligned with your purposeful destined driven life. Truth will always come to the light no matter what, it can never be hidden or destroyed. Fate is like hate and never great, one will have to give up on self to allow fate to participate in a shift of what was preordained by the grand design.

What boggles me is how evil, ignorant, negative people can relentlessly go out their way to attempt to destroy another person, not even taking into consideration of their own life as a first priority that if it stands true would not give time, space or energy to anything but their own lane. In the words of Nene Leakes “You never win when you play dirty” and I will add to it by saying “Living your best life is not winning when you diminish or destroy others on your way to the measure of top success,it’s cowardice!”

Yes we can and should stay out of other peoples private business and work on our own. How much simpler would life be if we kept our thoughts to ourselves about others when it doesn’t serve a positive light or reaction? No one has the right to ruin another person’s basic human rights. But if so universal karma will get that ass this lifetime or the next. Don’t believe me? Continue to serve deflections and projections to others and see where the possibilities of sealing your own fate playing games and bending energy where it isn’t needed. Life is not a game but a journey. The journey is to be better than you were in your past and being, having, and doing love and kindness to all in every situation. Enough said!

In Remembrance of my Granny

This amazing woman here was Love personified! I’ll never have love in my life in how she displayed to me now that she has crossed over! It’s a scary thought to know she was the only one I believe rooting for me because I saw in the form of her actions always coming through. The words she put out to the universe with pure intentions and the discipline to manifest those thoughts into reality gives me all I need to get by. I love you Grab, I know you are always with me!🙌🏾 ❤️💯
My Granny was my biggest supporter in my endeavors I’m so blessed to have had the time I got to spent with her. She is painfully missed!