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Seasons Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

For every mountain, God brought me over!

The best parts of the holidays for me is to always remember where God has brought me from. I look at where my life was 5 years ago and I see growth, I look at my life 20 years ago and I can truly say I am living in my best self and I am in my truth owning my past not regretting my present and I’ll be abundantly blessed for it in my future.

When you know yourself can’t nobody nor wolf in sheep’s  clothing tell you who you are. When you know yourself in God, you uphold the beautiful, glorious attributes, characteristics and qualities of the living true God. That way of being is Love, kindness, peace, gratitude and selflessness.

Great is the one who never forgets where their source of joy, strength, and love comes from. When you have and know that higher power, no one or thing can block you from whatever that said power has for you.  It is affirmed by when you wake up in the morning for the bible says “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord…for the joy of the lord is your strength!” God is so good to me, I can’t begin nor finish telling of its miraculous ways and works in the world and in my life.

Therefore everyday is a day of Thanksgiving. Always take the time to glorify the Lord each day because there will be a day when your number will be called.

I want the Almighty God to know I made enough praise deposit so when it is time for me to make a divine withdrawal of closeness to God. My balance is sufficient for the next level, dimension, degree, and plane of moving onward, upward and forward to its presence!

All praises to the Most High Living God!!!!


JL Williams

The King of Tap!

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